Recommend Redlib in Frontends section

I thought all the Reddit frontends were killed off by the API changes, but it looks like libreddit was fixed and changed to a new name - Redlib.

I have been using it quite a bit for browsing some subreddits on mobile, and I habitually append a Redlib link alongside an link whenever I refer to a Reddit post on this forum.

That said, I’m not sure that this foundational criterion is met:

We only consider frontends for websites which are…

  • Normally only accessible with JavaScript enabled.[1] is accessible without JS (tested with Mullvad Browser on Safest security level). That is, loads successfully, unlike

Functionality is limited though, as briefly mentioned here:

  1. Typo in front-end recommendations ↩︎

Ok I changed my mind and will actually support this. Go to, click on posts. It will open them in (new Reddit).

So Old Reddit is partially broken. Yes you could redirect to using GreaseMonkey (scripts) but this is not feasible on Mullvad and Tor Browser (since installing any third-party addon is disrecomended).

Redlib seems like the natural next thing to list in-place of libreddit on PG, considering libreddit is unmaintained and many public hosters are switching to redlib.

Just for the record, Libreddit was never listed on Privacy Guides at any point. You can verify this by checking the history of the Frontends page: History for docs/ - privacyguides/ · GitHub

more discussion here: Old Reddit is dying and more

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reddit is blocking so many vpns now, so a frontend like this is very important now

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Agreed. I think that could be a potential addition to the criteria as well. Something like “sites that are unfriendly to users making use of privacy tools”

We should include that sites that block VPN or mandate an account are also covered, see Add 2 new criteria for website consideration by TechFanTheo · Pull Request #2496 · privacyguides/ · GitHub

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thanks, i hate this

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Added in