Obtainium (Android)

I’m setting up my Obtainium apps list, but can’t get Aurora Store. Obtainium “can’t find the .apk” on Aurora Store’s Gitlab. Does any of you know if it’s somehow possible to get Aurora Store’s apk elsewhere, and ideally to add it to Obtainium? I do’nt want to be f-droid dependent. Thank you!

You have to yse the gitlab link:


Just paste this in the url bar in obtainium

That’s what I always had, but for some reason now it detects version 2.4.3 as being the most recent one. I had to download and install 2.4.5 manually from that same url…

(I’m not the OP)

Seems like a bug indeed. Maybe open one in the repo of obtainum? I foxed it by changing the version detection to date rather than verison nr.

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