Apkure via obtainium vs Aurora?

cons / pros??

aurora - google just have your IP.

apkpure- just have your IP.

apkpure possibly can get malware to your phone, so can google store.

If you mean the official APK Pure app, I cannot tolerate it. If you mean APK Pure links added to Obtainium, I guess that is fine for updating assuming you have first installed the app from Aurora Store to ensure that the signature matches. (I added the previous sentence after typing everything else, so I apologize for weird formatting).

It’s full of advertisements everywhere, when you open it, when you install apps, when you install updates and it will also throw ads to the list of apps to be updated.

It also bothers me that when it detects update that has different signature, it will prompt you to uninstall the old version, which signer I may trust a bit more.

So from those two I would use Aurora Store hoping that the anonymous accounts are functional while often there are issues due to Google not liking it very much.

I also recently became aware of Uptodown which apps seem more reasonable and don’t even require login. It also seems to be supported by Obtainium, although it comes with the same risks as any other app store and recently there has been malware pretending to be it (wpeeper).



I use Aurora for my apps from Google Play. I don’t have a reason to use APKpure since my apps are all from Google Play

What apps do you need which are not available anywhere else?

i just wanted to have some views regarding the sec and priv aspects of these options.