Aurora Store vs Sandboxed Google Play

So I’ve been using Aurora Store logged in with my google account for the past 2 years. In that time, my banking app and Paypal did not work properly, always getting stuck at some part of the app.

Today I’ve decided to login to the Google Play Store on my Pixel 7 Graphene OS phone, and to my surprise, the apps that misbehaved started downloading stuff on the play store and started working normally!

Would it be bad to switch to using the Play Store instead of the Aurora Store?

PS: I use obtainium for the majority of the apps, Aurora / Play Store is only for the few closed-source apps I need to use.

With sandboxed GPlay, the main thing you should be aware of privacy-wise is that it will know all the apps you have installed on the profile. If you care about that, you can relegate just the gplay apps to the work profile.

But yes, sandboxed gplay will provide better compatibility with apps. It seems like you encountered a known issue of aurora in that it often incorrectly shows what device you’re using, so the wrong version of an app can be downloaded.

And since you’re logged into your google account anyway, there’s no benefit to using aurora store on GOS that I can think of.

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