What is the diffrence between aurora and playstore?

with aurora you download still apps from the playstore right?
so whats the differents? that you don’t have to register a google account? thats it?

don’t need play services or whatever for aurora store. basically need it for play apps if you don’t use grapheneos because that os has sandboxed play services. play services is very privacy invasive and has a lot of permissions as a system app on stock android

If I understand correctly, this means that Aurora Store is of little use on an OS like GrapheneOS, because the play service is sandboxed?

it is still useful there, you need an account to use Play Store.

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why is that?

When someone use grapheneos, is he better of with aurora store or google store?
i still have a difficult time understanding what the benefits and downsides are from these two.
yes i know we can: (correct me if i wrong)

  • download apps anonymous from aurora
  • aurora store don’t need google play services.

But these are the only benefits from aurora store?
Does aurora store have downsides compared with play store?
Does notifications still work with aurora store when not using google play services?

Aurora Store isn’t anonymous, it connects directly to Google.
And, while I haven’t confirmed yet, it may be possible for others to observe the IP addresses that use the accounts via the tokens dispensed by the cookie jar.
Given a reasonable VPN or even Tor, Aurora should be OK though.
The apps from Aurora are the same as Play and are still likely to be proprietary and/or contain proprietary dependencies.