Huawei AppGallery

My bank requires their own proprietary 2FA app for internet banking stuff to work. Up until now I’ve been updating it via Aurora Store. The problem is that it’s extremely unreliable. Anonymous login doesn’t work most of the time and I don’t want to risk getting a google account banned since it’s almost impossible to create them without real phone numbers nowadays.

I noticed that the most recent update to Obtainium added Huawei AppGallery as a supported source. I assumed AppGallery was some walled garden attempt by Huawei, but apparently they allow you to just download the .apk even without an account. My banks 2FA app is available there.

I guess I just wanted to ask if there’s anything I should know before I try and use it. Obviously anything by Huawei is not going to respect my privacy, but do they do anything funny to the .apk before hosting it on their store, like bundling in extra trackers or restricting use without their official store installed?

What? Just create a throwaway Google account for Aurora Store only. Do it with a VPN, on a public Wi-Fi or even with your real IP, so it doesn’t require a phone number.

Another thing is that chances of getting your Google account banned by using Aurora Store are as low as the chances of getting struck by lightning or as low as Apple stopping being an anti consumer company.

By the way, my banking app required a proprietary authentication app too until I just bought a PIN generator for €15 and ditched that app. Worth every penny.

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