Mention Cryptee in the Notebooks page in addition to the Cloud page

I found it curious to see you mention Cryptee in cloud storage, but you don’t mention it in Notebooks or Productivity Tools. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Cryptee since its inception, I discovered it a week and a bit after it was released, and it has always lived up to my expectations. What do you think? Why is Cryptee not included, at least in Notebooks?

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I completely understand where you’re coming from. Cryptee is one of these projects that straddles multiple areas at once. However, we do not want to be repetitive and list the same tool in multiple areas.

In the case of Cryptee, I see it as cloud storage with a built-in photo manager and document editor, so I would say it primarily fits in the Cloud provider section.

That said, there are other examples of tools that fit in multiple pages, and we do need a way to highlight that without duplicating recommendation cards. I briefly talk about this in the Improvements to the File Sharing and Sync Section thread.

Have an admonition that mentions software that we recommend in other pages that offer file sharing capabilities (such Bitwarden with its Bitwarden Send feature, and Proton Drive, which allows you to share files you’ve uploaded to your drive with a link, and optionally a password).

We could give Cryptee the same treatment in the Notebooks or Productivity Tools page eventually, but thought needs to be put into that.

If people here have any thoughts on how we can better do this, please let us know!

I personally think it’s best to list the service (in this case, Cryptee) as a product on each tool category it fits into (in this case, Cloud + Notebooks and/or Productivity Tools). As long as it still passes the standards Privacy Guides has for each tool category, I don’t see why not.

I currently see a few suggestions that fit multiple categories. KeePassXC, for example, fits into “Authenticator Apps” as long as they’re a separate database from your passwords. Proton is listed in “Calendar and Sync”, “Email Services”, “VPN Services”, and “Cloud Storage”. etc.

To mitigate redundancy, maybe there should be a popup in place of a summary for each service listed more than once throughout Privacy Guides that hyperlinks to a “service as a product/software as a product/product as a service/whatever it’s called” chart page that summarizes a service/software/product/whatever and everything it has to offer that the Privacy Guides team deems fit.

I agree with @Phvqkrpa2khYhnS5wA7kLVpg_Zes, I would not see it as a problem to include the same software in all the features where it fits (Crypte, in Notebook and Cloud Storage) in the same way as it happens with Proton or, to give another example, as it happens more or less with Brave (It appears in Browsers, in Search Engines, and in my opinion we could also include Brave Talk in Video Streaming or Real-Time Communication, but this is another debate).
Another option that comes to my mind, although it would seem less professional, would be to create a section called “Suites” or “Multipurpose Software” or something like that, and include a single card for each company/software family where, within the card itself include references to all the services included or recommended, this could solve some problems but, honestly, I do not think it would be a professional solution, besides it would create other problems.
But well, what I said, I agree with Phvqkrpa2khYhnS5wA7kLVpg_Zes on this.