Best option for collaborative notes?

Anyone have recommendations for this area? I’m looking for some sort of notes or document editor that I can share with a partner to keep track of various things together.

I previously used Skiff Pages, but obviously that isn’t an option anymore.

So far I’ve only found Cryptpad and Etherpad. Does anyone favour one over the other, or have different suggestions altogether?


This comprehensive comment by @Register3435 might be of interest to you, since the original post to which he responded outlines a use case similar to yours.

Maybe PrivateBin ?

It’s not really a tool made for people to corroborate to each other. Though, it has a comments functionality that you have to enable it when creating the note.

That’s a very good point. I suppose it depends on the use case. I was thinking of something temporary, like a shopping list.

I normally use Cryptpad, personally.