LocalMonero is shutting down (Most anonymous way to buy and sell Monero)


something happened

private btc wallets shutting down

now this

Their hatred for basic human rights has boiled over. Anyway this is a good growing pain. This will teach us to decentralize, federate, and run platforms without being under a jurisdictional entity.

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to be fair, criminals do use these networks to launder money :man_shrugging:

A shame this has happened…

When is Haveno going to be ready?

To be fair, criminals do use E2EE communications and Tor for criminal activities.


They also use Gmail too. Less likely to get marked as spam or blocked. Criminals will use anything. I feel like you can’t win sometimes.

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I am trying to buy Monero and this was the ONLY option to buy anonymously. I will have to do FIAT-BTC-XMR unless someone is working on an alternative.

Don’t use BTC as an intermediary (high network fees!), it’s cheaper to use something like BCH, LTC, XLM, XNO or KAS instead.

Here’s some historic data on transaction fees: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero Avg. Transaction Fee Chart As you can see, Bitcoin has much higher fees than the other ones and you’ll lose a lot of money that way (by the way, when it says something like $9.999m it means $9.999/1000 = $0.00999)

But I will need to have a wallet for those, and then swap them ?

Yes. You can use something like Cake Wallet that supports Monero + BTC/BCH/LTC

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Criminals and no -criminals use the same tools sometimes, it doesn’t make the tool a criminal one. Still most criminals i dont think would be using something like monero, aftear all they have been years without it


To be fair, many more criminals use the dollar.

The logic that no-one should use something because criminals use it is extreme stupidity. Criminals also use the dollar, drive cars, live in houses, wear clothes, eat food, drink water and breathe air. Should we all stop using all those things too?


Just want to update you all to say I managed to buy Monero without KYC verification using providers listed in the Cake Wallet app. That being said they only accepted Fiat payment (no cash) so it isn’t 100% KYC-less, but it’s good enough since I will transfer my funds to another anonymous wallet afterwards.

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Probably the best alternative to LocalMonero is https://www.bestchange.com/.

Already working Mention Haveno now that LocalMonero is shutdown

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Those are for BTC though