Mention Haveno now that LocalMonero is shutdown

Haveno is a non-custodial, decentralized exchange platform for crypto and fiat currencies built on Tor and Monero.

Unlike LocalMonero, Haveno have no central authority (Centralized server). All trades are P2P between users (Decentralized at network level). More at FAQ.

There’s already a network on Mainnet that is working fine and trades have been made!

Haveno Guides:

Haveno DEX Direct Fiat to Monero transactions

Haveno Decentralised Exchange Dispute resolution (Fiat → XMR)

Haveno DEX Bank Transfer (ex: SEPA) → XMR transaction

Haveno DEX Cash by Mail → XMR transaction

LocalMonero was removed from the site Remove mention of LocalMonero in the Knowledge Base by redoomed1 · Pull Request #2565 · privacyguides/ · GitHub

Can mention bisq as well.



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Bitcoin is not private, even when trying to mix it. Bisq have a higher chance of receiving tainted coins. There’s a reason why PrivacyGuides recommends Monero only.


Will change when lightening gets famous.

just after the year of the Linux desktop and the second coming of Jesus …


Gnome is nice :rofl: