Is skiff worth joining rn?

Saw a post on reddit in the skiff subreddit saying that skiff uses amazon servers. Won’t that end up being significantly worse than say pm or tuta where (i think) they own their own servers? skiff does say their mails are E2EE so does this mean amazon wont be able to see my emails then right? I really like what skiff is doing with their pages etc with such generous free account facilities but if amazon got to my emails then wont all of it be pointless?

Also, Skiff Mail (Email Provider) here it says that skiff is added to the website but I am unable to see it … so idk does PG recommend skiff for usage?

It just got added, the new version of the site isn’t live yet. Should be within a few days.

Also if PG is recommending it, can you explain the amazonaws part to me? I tried it myself as well and tutanota had an article comparing their service with skiff where they stated that too that amazon would have access to all of your emails (Skiff Mail vs. Tutanota: Email comparison). So isnt that a problematic thing?

They used to use amazon SES.

I recommend reading through Skiff Mail (Email Provider) - #15 by nishil

(Maybe CTRL+F’ing amazon)

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@amilich Encrypted Private Email Recommendations - Privacy Guides

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They still do ig. I tried sending an email from my skiff address to my proton address and the IP in the email header shows amazon servers being used. The link you share it says that the amazon ses servers are backup servers but I tried sending 2-3 emails and all show amazon servers being used. I am just confused as to if using skiff would somehow mean that amazon gets hold of my emails, It wouldn’t be so useful to use a privacy focused e-mail in that case.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - this is what shows up when checking the IP address in the email header.

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Amazon SES is not equivalent of hosting on AWS.
We haven’t looked into the hosting situation actually.

Honestly, I am not much knowledgeable about all of the backend stuff etc. I just found that skiff uses Amazon servers and the hostname came up as

Yeah so Skiff is hosted on AWS. That is not the same as using their smtp services called SES. Totally different business.

Basically everything is hosted on AWS and Azure and sometimes Google Cloud. What can I say? It’s not great but that’s reality. I think not doing so is better but can’t really blame them for this either.

Technically skiff SEEMS quite sound. Legally is another problem.

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No, we don’t use Amazon SES. The comments above are right!

We did use to use SES as a backup - basically it would function as an emergency queueing service in case Skiff mail servers themselves were inaccessible. But, in the other thread on adding Skiff to PG, the community seemed to generally think it was worse to have SES because we could not make as strong statements about the privacy of that service. I think that is a reasonable position - and we have not had any uptime issues yet - but that was the thinking.