Anybody using codamail?

I am testing

They are the unique provider which allows me to import my exported mails from skiff.

There is no relevant info about them but they seem to be a solid mail-only alternative.

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Seems to be just roundcube with auto pgp encryption. Basically what I did in the past myself.

Still would recommend you to take a provider like Proton for added security such as monitoring, MFA etc.

But also the website, eh, what’s that design?! It’s pretty empty.

yeah, they have MFA

Well they use imap and smtp so they probably use it on the portal but not everywhere.

what do you mean?

Smtp and imap are protocols that have no support for MFA. They are used by this provider so you can read your email in a third party mail client like thunderbird.

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Got it.

I hope all of this is true: CodaMail - A Unique Private E-Mail Service

Generally you should stay away from smaller less known services like this. We do not need other options than already recommended.

There are besides looks of these websites a lot of questions I could ask, don’t really see the point of it since you are just asking about it and not recommending ( i hope). I would highly advise you to check the criteria on the website and can see how far you get with that.

Yes, just asking. I am not in position to recommend it. I saw people recommending it in reddit but the fact that nowbody seems to be using it….makes me think not good things about them. But I have to say that they configured my custom domain on their system today, sunday afternoon. At least better support than other big and recommended companies like Skiff…

Skiff is no longer recommended: Remove Skiff - #52 by jonah


Close. We do use roundcube framework…a tad modded, but most of our functionality is milter based and works during the smtp handshake. Our plugins are custom and we’ve modded managesieve to add pgp autoencrypt fuctionality as a filter action, in addition to the alias based or all email auto pgp encryption functions.

It is. We’ve been accused of many things over the last 2.5 decades, but not datasharing.

You are correct, totp 2fa is only portal based. Imap, pop,and sasl dont support 2fa, so it’s a trade off. That’s why proton uses a bridge.

They should really work on their pricing first, I think. 50 USD / year for 5 GB mailbox?

Also, this part is a major showstopper.
We offer no guarantees written nor implied for anything. Parts of the service, or all of the service, may be unavailable for periods of time both announced and unannounced, defined and undefined. The service may become compromised in a way we are unaware. Acts of nature and man may render the service unavailable at any time. This service is strictly use at your own risk.


Being a new user here, I could not post to answer this for 24 hrs…

That has been reworded a bit, it says generally the same, but perhaps reads a little better if pulled out of context. It’s basically just saying that unknowns can happen: natural disasters, man made disasters, and nobody can guarantee they are 100% secure while being connected to the Internet. Zero day vulns exist. This followed the part you pulled out:

“We place security above uptime. This means that if a zero day vulnerability is discovered in something we offer that we cannot immediately patch, we will remove or restrict the service until a patch is available. We prefer this to leaving a vulnerable service running and just hoping no one compromises it just for the sake of uptime.”

On price,

We did adjust pricing based upon some feedback and issued partial refunds to those who recently signed up with the old pricing. It’s now $15/yr for 1g, $25/yr for 2g, but we kept the $50/yr for 5g. Considering everything offered and that none of our features are “premium only”, how would you think the 5g plan should be priced or what quota size should it be?

We are not trying to be proton, we are looking to fit in at different level, for those who might require imap or pop, want all the features that mail can offer, want easy on the fly unlimited aliases in multiple domains or private domains, and a wide variety of ways to auto pgp encrypt, all while retaining compatability with email apps and general pgp with full control of your own keys.

This doesn’t seem accurate. The website has a higher price than that.

It is :

Quoting :

$15/Yr - 1 Gig Mail Quota

Where? I’m not seeing it, but I also don’t handle the basic website. I passed it on to be looked into.

I can compare it with Proton and

Proton’s Mail Plus has 1 custom domain limit, 10 email aliases and 15 GB space plus Calendar. Yours have unlimited custom domains and unlimited aliases and no Calendar. Proton costs 47,88 USD and yours cost 50 USD per year.

Price-wise yours is just a little bit better, but if you get Proton Unlimited for 119,88 USD per year, you get SimpleLogin Premium, which is normally 30 USD. There you get unlimited aliases and unlimited custom domains, and also your Proton account upgrades to 500 GB space, 15 aliases and 3 custom domains. On top of that you get VPN, Calendar, Password Manager and Cloud Drive which are not provided by your service.

Compared to, they have 10 GB space, 25 throwaway emails, 1 year retention for mails, support for all mail apps and protocols, 50 aliases on custom domains, and 25 aliases on Their price is 3 Euro per month. Apart from alias limit, they seem to better both on pricing and support.

There is also Tuta, which is similar to Proton Mail Plus.