Is legit?

First time I heard about this website/service was when a relatively small local youtuber got sponsored by them. This guy regularly promotes nice and ethical services so I did not think it was weird, thought it was pretty cool actually.
Recently, sponsored a Pewdiepie video, and that made me a bit icky. I don’t have anything against the guy, it’s just that they obviously needed to cash out an insane amount of money to get featured in a video of his, and I’m starting to find it a bit fishy. Does anyone here have any kind of experience with

Is one of those services that use privacy as a selling point when they’re actually not doing much for you? Or is it actually legit and awesome that such a service gets promoted in such a broad way? What do you think?

The advise was, its best to do this manually. There are free tools in the internet that could do the same at zero cost.

Also, appreciate the irony of providing your personal info to a company to remove your other personal info from another.

Incogni is a service owned by NordVPN/Surfshark, FWIW.