YouTube? More like NoTube

I checked my YT for the first time in about 2 years. I have no idea what they were thinking, or if this was even sent to triage before it was pushed to production. I don’t want to call their entire developer team morons, but you decide for yourself:

Homepage with modal:


Homepage without modal (deleted the node using browser console):

So, yeah, No tube for You. This stinks, and I’m going to complain everywhere. before you ask, yes, I downgraded to Medium Mode using uBO to noop the website temporarily - still not good.

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Use a privacy frontend, the official site is very invasive

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So here’s how you “fix” it

  1. Enable watch history
  2. Watch a single video, any would do
  3. Disable watch history again

That should fix it for now

But honestly I’d recommend just migrating to something like newpipe


They intentionally no longer want to show you recommendations if you have watch history disabled and have announced as such.

I don’t care for YT’s recommendations, so I welcome it.


Their recommendations are garbage anyway. They can’t even develop an useful algorithm. Now I mostly watch YouTube videos through my searches.

On Phone NewPipe is good app if you want to subscribe to channels without an account.

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Youtube algo is by far the best and I myself use newpipe, the more videos like this page under a video is pretty useful.

I have this strategy of finding new channels:

  1. search reddit for recommendations for a particular interest
  2. watch those videos, skim through the more videos like this
  3. add those channels too
  4. backup the subscriptions for safe keeping

just create a “fake” google account with voip number and a proxy and you are golden ngl.

Just use LibreTube, you don’t need an account, it’s totaly FOSS, privacy-friendly, use piped api, you can download videos, it has material you and the UI/UX is splendid. Just forget newpipe and use piped !