BADBOOL and Data Deletion Cadence

Continuing the discussion from Is legit?, since this is a bit off topic from the oroginal question. But, on the subject of mass data deletion:

Is going through a list like the one Jonah linked the type of thing that one should do, say, once a year? Or is it better to only request mass data deletion if one has a reason to? I’m assuming the former, but I guess it seems a bit odd to me to send a company my name, address, etc. without confirmation that they even have that data in the first place.

You should only opt out if they have your data, most of them let you check. Focus on the ones with a :skull_and_crossbones: indicator first, because many “data brokers” are just resellers of those few companies, so they’ll have the greatest impact.

Of course, if you search these databases for your own information, put in as little information as possible to find your results.

Personally, I pay Kanary to do this ($10 off code lol narrowshack8841042). Mainly because Yael recommended it, and her work both on that list and at Consumer Reports in general is fantastic.

If you are willing to trust a scanning service with your information and are willing to manually opt-out yourself, Optery seems to be a decent free option that will find your exposure online and provide you with opt-out links.


Who? (Seems like an important person on privacy interwebz)

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I was unfamiliar with her too, but seems like she’s someone to bookmark.

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