Inclusion of a basic guide/ recommendation column for hardening Windows

Since a recommendation site or at least a basic guide for hardening iOS is on the table,
wouldn’t it make sense to offer such a guide for Windows as well?
Many of us are still dependent on Windows let it be because of certain app/ program compatibilty missings or issues on Linux or due to our jobs.
Also even when Linux made huge leaps recently in this regards, there are still significant compatibility issues with games there which makes it (partly) unusuable for this kind of purposes.

The guide could include

How you could turn some of the telemetry in the registry or GPO.

How to create an Installation USB Stick with Rufus, which can removes some telemetry stuff beforehand and also remove the requirement of the otherwise mandatory Windows Account Login at the installation process.

Installaton of something like Portmaster, Simplewall or Adguard (paid) to block remaining telemetry.

Using a piHole or Adguard Home with OS and application related blocklists, like Windows Spy Blocker (basic) and/or Kodo Pengins Mainlist (advanced).

An important note to only use a local account.

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This has already been covered. To avoid topics with similar areas, please consider doing your own search through the forum. You can use discourse search function or cmd + f to search for keywords.

Here is the pr:

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My bad, I have some work to do by the way so I can’t pay attention to everything nor didnt I have time yet to discover everything at this forum here. I’ll post my suggestions there. Topic can be closed

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Yep! We’ve been working on the Windows guide for a while. Hope to get it done soon. Feel free to take a look at the PR and contribute, we appreciate all contributions!

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