Improvements to Cryptocurrency and Monero page

I’m starting this thread so everyone can contribute their ideas and suggestions to further improve Cryptocurrency and Monero page. Related: [Suggestion] Elaborate how to get Monero.

My suggestion for Monero page:

  • Recommend people to generate new a subaddress for each anticipated payment. (The address start with an 8…)

* Churn but not multiple times as it will be obvious that you are churning.
Not researched MAGIC Monero Fund

For Cryptocurrency page:

You could perhaps recommend a swapping service that doesn’t require kyc like

And Atomic swap like * Atomic swaps like


some wallets like feather or anonero do suggest using multiple sub-address and generates a bunch of them automatically when user opens the wallet.
I see feather as a more user friendly choice ,and with a minimal design based on electrum wallet. The official gui one could confuse users because of its monerod integration.