I am bombarded by SMS spam. Should I report it?

I applied to an online government form. Unfortunately I was sort of forced to do it in some rando government offical’s personal phone without any real alternatives and that phone reeks of insecurity. Now I am receiving tons of SMS spam with links on it (from 2 per year to 2 per week).

I could report it and at least make the spam operators increase its cost of operation by forcing it to rotate the cellular phone number it uses but reporting is a privacy nightmare by uploading these information in a web site:

  • Full Name (required)

  • Address (required)

  • Number of Call or Text Scam/Spam (required)

  • Updated Contact Number (required)

  • Updated Email (required)

  • Upload the following required files:

    • Copy of Valid Identification
    • Image of Text Spam and Scam with Cellphone Number
  • Summary of Complaint (required)

I really want to do this out of principle but our government isnt known for cybersecurity. Should I even go forward?

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Considering the amount of personal data you’d have to give up I would say no.
You really can’t “win” against these odds, after providing all that data you might even end up with getting more spam.

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In these situations I usually just change my number lol.

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