Linking of phone number to name (passport etc.)?

Hi Guys,
so basically, in a age where most countries (see privacyinternational’s long reads 3018) restrict sim cards to people verifying themselfs via id, I was just wondering, who could actually get said sensitive, yet logged data? Of course, law enforcement etc, but general people or companies, I’m not quite sure. Of course there are always still options of buying numbers for sms-verification on something like moneromarket, but yeah, just having multiple numbers one can use for everything would be nice.

I would suspect that this data could be leaked or could also potentially be in the hands of data brokers which have gotten it from companies that you’ve used SMS Verification and your real name with

right, forgot that, especially leaks. I also hadn’t considered databrokers, since often times the company conducting the sms checks/verification isn’t mentioned anywhere on the site where one signs up.

it’s a bit disappointing, but unless you know how, data brokers will likely already have this information and it can and will be purchased from them

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