Need some help with getting into a social media site without using my personal number

For personal reasons, I want to get into the VKontakte social media site. However, I don’t want to use my real phone number and give it straight to the Russian government.

I have tried various websites, each and every one failed to deliver a verification code.


For those who have the know how, is there a way to get this done? Preferably something which gives the possibility of more than just one number, as I don’t really want to shell out for something that I later find doesn’t work.

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I’ve used SMSPool and always worked. But there are a bunch of other services like this. If you want a dedicated SIM in the cloud you can check Crypton, but like i said there are so many options it is you who have to check what you like in the end. Good luck!


Well - thanks for the recommendation. I just tried SMSPool now, and I spent about 2 dollars. One of the codes got through but then said the number is blocked. The other one was already registered to an account. So I don’t think these codes are “clean” in any case.

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That’s weird. You can try numbers from a different country. Russian numbers are very cheap on SMSPool.

That sucks! Honestly, never had any problems so far and I’ve used it approximately 10-15 times. But nothing can be perfect, I guess.