How to read a privacy policy and terms of service

I would like to see a guide on reading privacy policy and terms of services. Yes, there are websites like privacyspy and tosdr, but it is these can be outdated and can’t cover every service. Some websites include easy to read privacy policies, however this is not the case for every service. I’ve seen a lot of advice on Reddit and YouTube on tips looking for red flags or reading it quickly by looking for keywords. Maybe PG can centralise information like these?

Unfortunately, for the 20-page-legalese kind of privacy policy, you need a law degree to really understand what they say. There’s just too much you can hide behind clever phrases that’s not obvious to the layman. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Fair enough. I found this video helpful. It got some useful things to look for. Maybe, as the video conclusion suggest, machine learning model could be used to make them readable.

Machine learning is great and all, but a small issue can snowball into a drastic one very quickly, oftentimes unnoticed. Stick to the meatworld and hire lawyers to boil it down for you.