Feitian ePass (Security Key)

I had been recently researching on hardware keys with the different types and price for which they are offered.
I already own one yubico security key which just works fine for me, though i wished i could purchase the yubikey 5 series with some advanced functions but it costs around $70 (incl intl shipping + customs taxes) for me.
I searched for cheaper option and found the Fetian key ePass FIDO® -NFC is available and offers the same capabilities (refer website) as the Yubikey 5 nfc series but costs only about $40 ( incl shipping + taxes)

I have made this assessment purely on cost basis and features they promise.

so i need your views on this product regrading other parameters like authenticity , reliability and reputation of these keys.
i don’t believe feitain keys are open source as well but i have only seen a bunch of yt videos where people seem to using it fine.
Thanks in advance :smile:

Freitan does not have the best reputation Google is replacing Bluetooth Titan Security Keys because of a vulnerability - The Verge

Although the incident was handled relatively good.

You could also consider this one:

A more limited security key by yubico


Thanks for that info . I already bought the security series key by yubico.
But i want the 5c series which has otp and static password support but unfortunately it costs too much for me as indicated earlier.

Therefore i asked about this feitian key which is significantly cheaper.
Though i am too not very optimistic about the bluetooth variant of the key.
But being cheaper also means its accessible to a lot more people and thus more people use better standards of security.

I am also open to buying nitro keys (mainly
coz its upgradable and open source) but i hardly have seen any feedback from anyone using it plus its availability issue.

Not sure why you would want OTP in the key? I never really used that.

I have a nitrokey as well but not sure if it even supports that, I do not use it for this. I am the person that invested in Yubikey’s with fingerprints just because. Also have you seen my post about cloudflare’ offer? (Cloudflare and Yubico offer yubikeys for $10)

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Another thing to consider is to just use FIDO2 build into your devices, this is getting more and more standard. If you use brave and your device supports it it will prompt you for this.

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