Nitrokey 3 (Hardware Security Key)

I think the info on nitrokey is outdated on PG. I read a bunch of reviews online and all of them were kinda negative but were dated.

I wanted to know whats the current state of nitrokeys is? They are quite expensive if you are not living in Europe.

So I was also considering solokeys which has a thread.

I specifically wanted to know about Nitrokey 3C NFC.

Also this seems a nightmare done by the company so are they even trustworthy?

What exactly does a nitrokey provide more than a solokey?

It seems like a yubikey is the go-to when all things considered.

In my opinion its not worth paying $100-120 (depending upon region) for a security key when other cheaper better alternatives available.
Only good thing about Nitrokey over yubikey 5 series is that it is using a open source firmware and firmware can be updated to add any additional features or fix a critical vulnerability.
Though i appreciate Nitrokeys efforts to bring such a product to the market as opposed to some proprietary products by big companies , but their development has been much slower.
Apparently they still haven’t fully delivered upon all the features that were promised and showcased for Nitrokey 3 one of them being the usage of secure element to store secrets refer Nitrokey 3 Secure Chip - Nitrokey Generic - Nitrokey Support .
Also the GUI app to mange your passwords/totp isn’t as good as the one Yubico has.

Currently i think you can use it for fido2 authentication without issues. but you may have to wait a while when other features start working properly.
I would advice you to check out their forum to see what problems people are reporting and how its performing overall.
But you would really have to rethink your choice , when a competitor like yubikey is providing you with almost same functionality for far less price. Like $50 for 5 series and $25 for security series.

Tbh, I regret buying nitrokey 3. First of all, they only works with UPS, so they(you) have to pay insanely expensive posting price, whereas I can find yubikey with no extra cost for shipping.

When you have a look at the features comparison, it supports TOTP code, but when you go to the nitrokey app page, it says macOS is not supported. iOS is also not supported. Apps are buggy and you need to work on terminal.

On one page, it says you can compile for MacOS, but when you install it from command line, one of dependencies is not compatible with macOS. And, I am not quite familiar with coding, so it took me for hours.

I changed the device pin using Brave and everything seemed fine. But I received wrong pin error when configuring fido2 authentication. Then, I reset and change the pin using command line and I still receive error. I could open topics on support, but really got tired of spending time.

I really bought Nitrokey in order to support open source development, but I believe it’s not ready unless you have some coding skills.

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Trussed, the underlying firmware shared between SoloKeys 2 and Nitrokey, seems to have a rather slow development speed, as of late, based at a quick glance at the organization’s GitHub page.

Not sure why Nitrokey is still doing this for customers outside the EU. (I still haven’t gotten around to directly asking its customer service yet.)

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