TrustKey (Security Key)


Short description

FIDO level 2 certified keys.

Why I think this tool should be added

We should find at least one good, non-Yubico level 2 certified security key

Section on Privacy Guides

Security Keys

Any 3rd party review you found? How can I import to US?

I haven’t looked too much into them yet, all I did was search FIDO® Certified - FIDO Alliance by selecting “Level 2” on the authenticator level dropdown, and it seemed like the only other one that might be available to consumers besides Yubico/Feitian options on that list.

Ordering one to test is still TBD

Out of curiosity, could you explain why you choose this option over other alternatives such as Feitian or GoTrust [1]?

No- Feitian has a thread open already as well. GoTrust looks like another one we should consider.

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Is Thetis added? My sorry ass is too lazy to check PG website!