Google Titan (Security Key)


Short description

Google Titan security key is a hardware key supporting FIDO2 spec, MFA and Passkey.

Why I think this tool should be added

It meets all of the criteria. It can save 250 passkeys which is much more than Yubikey’s 100.

Section on Privacy Guides


Are there any official retailers for this where you can buy one without making a Google account?
Google phones are usually available on their official Amazon store, but I can’t find the Titan anywhere else…

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Red flag

I believe google titan keys are mostly manufactured by Feitian technologies who also manufacture their own Feitian keys . But google haven’t been transparent on this.
You can buy a feitian key instead as its more easily available through resellers.
Though feitian keys lack proper app support like the ones yubikey or nitrokey have.

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Nitrokey app is nice?

WARNING: I don’t have experience with Nitrokeys.

The New Oil made a video a while ago reviewing a Nitrokey, including the application. Watching the video, the Nitrokey app doesn’t seem to have the best user interface, but maybe it got better since then.

The part of this review about the app starts at 14:04

It’s correct that Feitian manufacturers them, although Google claims to have installed their own custom firmware that makes them different. Not sure what the changes Google has made actually are.


Yes , it got much better since. My argument was that Nitrokey and yubikey atleast have a support for advanced functions like totp and password safe and have a decent user interface/utility to configure those options.
I would try to give a full review of the nitrokey3 when i have used it for sometime.

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