Is Google throttling security keys?

Google’s agenda of flogging Passkeys seems to to have eliminated enabling Yubikeys.

I am a big fan of Yubikeys, using them close to 1 year, but not Google.

Tried to help a family member start using Yubikeys. started with Google. They have an option for Passkey- security keys but when one tries, it says the device cannot register Yubikeys. They are going hard on Passkeys and by my recent experience are certainly not helping ( allowing ) use of hardware keys.

Comments and suggestions ? Is there a way ?

I haven’t seen a Passkey prompt from Google where a Yubikey couldn’t be used myself, maybe a screenshot of the error would be helpful.

I’m also not sure if this is the best forum for Google support, although we do try to be as helpful as possible lol :sweat_smile:


Apologize, but thought the issue should be brought up.
The experience has left an even more bitter taste with regards to Google tactics.
Will try to recreate, if I can muster the courage …

Me thinks they are still seething from their green washing lawsuit …
Advanced Protection and Google smart lock, more attempts to rein in the pigeons …

Me thinks you’re trying to fit a particular agenda. Account security has always been a priority because they want to avoid compromised accounts sending spam. Its one of the reasons for wanting to delete inactive accounts. Also Google are one of the FIDO board members and one of the first adopters of this technology.


Google is an excellent contributor on security, but it’s well known that their implementation is a bit messy.
There is some complaints on reddit/twitter about the fact that adding a titan security key erased existing yubikey. Unlike github, for example, you can’t explicitly choose between passkey or fido as 2FA.

Try to disable U2F on the yubikey manager app, and set up with only Fido2 activated.

I stand corrected, nevertheless, Google is making it difficult to use the Yubikey the way it was intended, as a 2 FA account authenticator, not as an adjunct to a Passkey …

Not the only one that is having this issue … What Google is insisting on, is making your Yubikey register as a Passkey …

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From what I have recently read, it is the reverse …
Disable FIDO2 on the Yubikeys and Google will accept FIDO- U2F.
See above link.