Encrypting VM's ISOs

Good practice or unnecessary paranoia?

  1. Are you talking about the .iso or the VM itself?
  2. Are you asking if it’s worthwhile to encrypt or do you want a specific breakdown on technical reasons why you would not want to do this?

If you meant the .iso or the VM, it’s probably a waste of time either way. If your Host OS is encrypted, it’s only encrypted when it’s powered off. Your encryption doesn’t do anything when the device is on, or, in a decrypted state; so, you can, but it’s unnecessary.

Encrypting the .iso would just be security by obscurity. E.g., not very useful to you except if you have a shared computer. In that case, sure, but why not just hide them or lock them in a password-protected container/folder?

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Thanks for the answer.

Well, I’m in a Mac, so locking and encrypting is sort of the same. I was just thinking of locking the ISOs/VMs away while not in use.