Is there a way to encrypt folders on MacOS and be able to use them without decrypting them every time?

So I downloaded Picocrypt on my Mac and encrypted a folder but turns out I also need to decrypt it every time I need to access it and again go through the encryption process after I make changes to the folder.

Is there a way to encrypt folders and being able to use them without going through a time consuming decryption process?

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You could use e.g. which mounts the vault as a drive for a certain amount of time.

Keep in mind that while your encrypted folder is opened anyone who gets physical access to your PC can access the data.


Have you tried something like VeraCrypt or Cryptomator?

You do need to decrypt but it is as simple as enter a password. It stays unlocked until you lock it again.


Create an encrypted APFS disk using native Disk Utility. Probably you can even store the password on the Keychain and unlock it with your fingerprint (I guess, never done it myself).

Inside it, picocrypt only the really sensitive stuff you don’t need to decrypt everyday.

I’m not sure about Intel Macs, but please don’t use VeraCrypt on an Apple Silicon Mac. It requires system exrensions, which will only run in a less-secure mode of MacOS. Test it inside a Linux VM in UTM or Parallels if you want.


Hi, sorry for the late reply, I should mention I also want syncing to different devices through iCloud. So I upload the encrypted folder to my iCloud and use it through any of my devices merely by entering a password. No super decryption required. Would cryptomator still work?

Having your Cryptomator Vault in the cloud is exactly what this app was made for so yes, you can access it from any device on the same AppleID.