Email protection

Hi forum!

What will you recommend using constant alias service or temporary alias service?

I wonder what is best practice:

  1. Using tools like SimpleLogin (needs account, limited aliases for free)
  2. Or using temporary aliases like this or this (infinite aliases, address will be deleted after short period of time)**

**I also know and but they don’t look trustworthy

If first variant, why? What best service you had used and can recommend?

  • DuckDuckGo email aliases (free infinite aliases, tracking protection, free send feature (up to 20 mails per day), trustworthy)
  • SimpleLogin (only 10 free aliases, no tracking protection, free reply feature, trustworthy)
  • Anonaddy (free 20 general aliases, infinite username based aliases, no tracking protection, no free send/reply feature, trustworthy)
  • DNT Blur
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I only use a temporary email for things that I’m absolutely positive that I will never need again.

Aliases for everything else except government and health entities.

I’ve used DDG E-mail Protection and it works fine.
Now I’m using SL because it’s included on my Proton subscription.


Basically what @user1 and @landordragen said.

  • Email alias or actual email for governments and institutions (e.g. being an alias of
  • Aliasing service for general sites and apps to prevent spam (e.g. SL)
  • Disposable emails when an email is needed only once and not for a permanent account (e.g. temp mail )
  • Free and easy to create email providers that don’t ask any questions for any anonymous accounts (e.g. or

These are not recommended providers and have numerous issues starting with that they apparently cater to racists, fascists, and other bigoted groups. See here for more info: safe?

I don’t subscribe to your ideology, which seems to be more liberal, so I don’t view it as an issue. If you take issue with the providers, don’t use them. It’s as simple as that.