More Email Alias services?

Addy and Simplelogin are great but I was trying to find some more options for alias services and imo, manyme, ff relay and duckduckgo email look the best. Are there any downsides to either of these above? The privacy policies of all of them look decent enough so is there a catch for them?

I guess one “downside” of DuckDuckGo’s email forwarding would be that it doesn’t allow the use of custom domains or custom aliases

You get one primary alias, like and can auto-generate random aliases, which look something like, but you cannot create multiple aliases with your own names or purposes.

You also cannot use custom domains to create, for example, a catch-all address which could look something like

Oh, what I find annoying is that unless you already use their browser (e.g on Android), you’ll need their extension installed to view and change settings for your address in your web browser.

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I’d not say it’s a downside as it only has a free tier, has unlimited aliases and also unlimited replies afaik. So it’s the best for free

Some problems with DDG email protection: usually forwards emails without TLS and doesn’t allow to deactivate aliases.

And doesn’t allow PGP encryption

In my case, I use the Bitwarden extension to generate emails. There’s a section where you need to paste the API code, which you can obtain through the website. Occasionally, the IP address expires, and I have to go through the login process again, but it works well.

I understand that the idea of DDG is for you to primarily use randomly generated emails and those that include your alias specifically (perhaps for communication with you?). However, yes, in general, it’s more restrictive, so unless it’s something I know I’ll use, I use a disposable email.

DDG allows deactivation in any forwarded email from an alias you receive. At the top of the email a “Duckduckgo detected N trackers. [Deactivate]” header is added so simply clicking Deactivate will stop the alias’s forwarding, you don’t need to do the deactivation on the Duckduckgo browser or a browser with DDG extension installed, you can do it on any browser.

Personally, I think DDG email protection is a “good enough” service if you trust DDG, as I already have hundreds of online accounts created on DDG aliases, and found it to be a very reliable and generous email masking service.

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Aliasing services I am aware of:

  1. Anonaddy
  2. Simplelogin
  3. 33mail
  4. Duckduckgo’s
  5. Mozilla’s
  6. Apple’s
  7. I think Sudo has one
  8. One other that is small and non-commercial so I won’t advertise/publicize here.
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:thinking: How many more do you want?

The real question is: What features are you looking for that the current recommendations are missing?

It isn’t how many more I want. I was just searching for more options and if other services are as good as the ones recommended rn. Mainly for me email replies becomes important and addy doesn’t support it on their free accounts and that leaves me with SL only. Hence I was looking for others services which may provide features similar to these and might be good for being recommended on pg as well

it has a “disable” button when an alias gets forwarded at the top of the mail.

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Aliases are created automatically the first time an email is sent to them.

The disadvantage is that if spammers know your username, they may quickly circumvent it.

  • 1@you[.]33mail[.]com
  • 2@you[.]33mail[.]com
  • 3@you[.]33mail[.]com
  • 4@you[.]33mail[.]com
  • 5@you[.]33mail[.]com
  • 6@you[.]33mail[.]com
  • 7@you[.]33mail[.]com
  • 8@you[.]33mail[.]com
  • 9@you[.]33mail[.]com

I enjoy the notion of onmail[.]com’s sender approval.

It allows, but there is no specific webpage for doing this. You have to do delete it when you receive an email over the alias.

If you integrate it with Bitwarden, you can keep track of your duck addresses. If you need unlimited aliases for free, it may be bearable.