DuckDuckGo Email Protection (aliasing service)


I didn’t see it mentioned here yet.
I think it is a very good email aliasing service.

  • Free
  • Unlimited Shared Aliases
  • Unlimited Replies
  • 1 Recipient Mailbox

If we compare the free tier, it looks similar or better than AnonAddy or SimpleLogin.
I tried it for a month now with no problem.
We already have trust in DuckDuckGo since we recommend them as a search engine provider.

I’d Love to Hear What You Think.

I’ve been using this as my main alias service for a while now and can really recommend it. I have used SimpleLogin and AnonAddy and whilst the paid versions of both are more feature packed, if you are not will to pay for premium and use your own domain I think DuckDuckGo’s email service is better.

I do have some complaints with it though:

  1. You have to use either their android app or their browser extension to generate the alias links.
  2. There is no dashboard ui for seeing the aliases you have already created.
  3. You can only access your ‘account’ via a one time code sent to your recipient mailbox, if you lost access to this for some reason I don’t think there would be a way to change where the aliases are forwarded too either so you would lose them. This is my biggest concern, unless I have missed something and you can get access in the case of your mailbox being inaccessible.

Also on a superficial note I really like the domain.


@madhogs Thank you for sharing your opinion! :slight_smile: I also agree with the three complaints you mentioned. I don’t know if they plan on expanding it feature wise, or if it is intended like that for simplicity.

For people reading this, the only way to “manage” the aliases you have created, is to first receive an email from the website you used the alias, and then at the top of the email you click on the small DuckDuckGo banner. Then you have the option to deactivate it.

But even with these cons, I also feel DuckDuckGo is better compared to SimpleLogin or AnonAddy free tier.

Funny story about that : An employee asked for my email address at a store for a return, so I gave them a duck alias, and they also really liked it lol

I created my aliases via Bitwarden. You will need the API authorization item and you are good to go.

That’s my main issue with the service. Other than that, it’s really good.

Nowadays I’ve ditched DDG E-mail Protection and have gone for a custom domain with unique aliases for each account. Also created via Bitwarden.

Ty @landordragen . u helped me uninstall the duckduck app. I bend the knee. :rofl::+1:

note that a custom domain name does not give you privacy as every alias will be known that are owned by the same person or company. Although will work for companies selling your data to send random newsletters.

I believe it is always dependent on your threat model.

To me, it’s fine.