Could esim work in these conditions?

If there is a place with no electricity and no network, Is there any possible way to use esim if i could send them one that i bought?

P.s: The people in that place are in a great danger and i couldn’t go to them.

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What do you mean by sending an eSIM? Do you mean:

  • an eSIM in the form-factor of a physical SIM (like that you deliver physically to a person, or
  • that you tell some network operator the EID of an eSIM inside a device that this person already has in their possession?

In case 1: As you specified that you can’t reach these people physically, delivering anything to them is impossible.

In case 2: As you specified there is no network at all, so the device used by the person cannot establish any contact whatsoever to anywhere, including the subscription manager (SM) of the operator and/or discovery service of the GSMA. So that’s also impossible.

However, even if any of these two would work and you would somehow succeed in provisioning the eSIM, as you specified these people have no network connection, so any device of theirs using the eSIM wouldn’t be able to communicate anything. Which makes it a bit of a pointless exercise.

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An eSim works with internet, no?

In this situation an amateur radio is probably the solution.

(With big enough radius / amplifier / reciever)

OP also specified that there is no electricity. I took that to mean that only the public electricity grid is non-functioning, but the people still have access to batteries to power small devices. Sending stronger signals (not just to a local tower) could be hard to do.

But also, OP didn’t specify what they want the people to be able to achieve in the first place. The question is just “could eSIM work” / “is there a way to use eSIM”, but they don’t say what it means for an eSIM to be working or using it. On a basic level, an eSIM does still work fine without network access, as in the operating system on it can boot up and it can communicate with the device that it is inside of. It’s just that, that device probably won’t be able to utilize it to great extent if there is no radio connection, and of course as soon as the battery has gone out, without electricity will stop working completely and won’t be able to power the eSIM anymore.

An eSIM is basically a regular SIM, but not physical.

If they are in remote places with no phone connections. Look into satellite devices like this.

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They can communicate with each other but in a short range using briar.

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