Request advice on anonymous eSIM and anonymous prepaid card

Hi everyone, I am an anti-CCP social activist from China. I need a completely anonymous phone number for various activities, but unfortunately, apparently the Chinese government will not allow anonymous prepaid phone cards to be sold in convenience stores.

I purchased a Cake Pay credit card using a secure cryptocurrency that had been mixed multiple times, I had hoped to use it to purchase a Filipino smart esim (really cheap) and add it to a second hand phone I purchased anonymously with cash But the payment keeps failing. I tried the Visa and MasterCard options, but couldn’t make the payment successfully.

I also used this card to try to purchase a domain name on a website for a related website I was planning to build, but the payment could not be successful.

Finally, the payment was successful on sms-activator website.

Because the payment was successful in the end, this does not seem to be a problem with this virtual card, but why can’t the payment be successful on other websites? I’m really confused.

Does anyone know why? And if you have any suggestions about anonymous prepaid VISA cards or eSIM please let me know, thank you very much for your help!

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You might want to look into with Monero.

Be careful out there.

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Thank you for your help and concern.