Does turning off eSIM actually stop pinging location and identity data

I am wondering if turning off eSIM actually does anything to the IMEI and location pinging. I have been running CalyxOS on a cash purchased Pixel 4a, VPN always on, my phone numbers are through and 95 percent of the time I don’t have a SIM card in my phone, rather using wifi and the XMPP to cell network bridge from to make calls to the normal cell network. I have a physical Mint Mobile SIM purchased with cash and untied from my identity, that I use for data-only, whose phone number I don’t use except in very very rare occasions, which I keep in my wallet and only put in my phone in those rare times I need to make a call over XMPP-to-cell-bridge or access the internet when I am away from wifi. I love this system because it keeps me less focused on my phone when out in the real world, and is like turning the clock back to the days of answering machines, but I still have offline GPS navigation, music, podcasts, etc when away from wifi. I recently got a data only eSIM from the beta and have been using that instead of my physical SIM. It’s obviously much more convenient to turn on and off than putting in a physical SIM, but I am wondering if its IMEI and location pinging is actually off when I turn it off. What are your thoughts? I was thinking about switching my Mint physical SIM to an eSIM so I could more easily turn it on and off and use that data if I am running out of data from the JMP eSIM when traveling.

Unless you turn the mobile radio off via the service menu it’s always on and always connects to the network(s) even with no SIM.

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Thanks. I suppose you are very correct, but I am more curious about the info getting sent to the carrier of the eSIM if the eSIM is turned off, not if towers are being pinged in general.

I am thinking in relation to the revelation from a few years ago concerning car crash investigations that SIM cards were sending carriers SMS messages, the IMEI, and the location from the sub-ROM level.