How do I use my prepaid internet SIMs anonymously?

I don’t want to put my SIM in my phone because it will expose my IMEI. Public WiFi isn’t an option too because I need internet connection everywhere. Is something like portable router is my best option? If yes, could I get some recommendations? My treat model is pretty extreme and anonimity is what im after

Your portable router will also have an IMEI so really you don’t gain much other than complexity from that setup in my opinion.

Yikes. I guess public WiFi is the only way

Certainly a better option for anonymity I think.

Yeah and if you do not have access to this get an old phone, remove the mic and tape the camera and use that as hotspot. Works the same way.
The advantage of this is that things like Pegasus wont be as effective as when you run it through your main phone as the router does not have access to any of the data. This can be a good strategy if you believe you could be targeted with this.

But again it won’t make you anonymous. There are (often illegal) devices that can spoof IMEI but availability is hard and prone to be a honeypot. I would be careful going that route.

The problem I see with using a cell plan at all when you need anonymity is the carrier can track your movements as an inherent part of the technology, whether or not it’s directly tied to your actual identity. Your movement patterns are extremely identifying. If they see you’re at your house a lot, it’s very obvious that you probably live there and then when you drive to work every day they can see that too. The number of people that live at that location and also work at that specific job are statistically going to be one. Even if you turn it off when you’re home, that’s also very easy to see since the only time it’s not pinging off the cell tower is when you’re at home. If you really need anonymity, and the carrier is part of your threat model, I don’t think a cell plan is a realistic option unless you use it extremely sparingly.

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