Security of using Cellular Data

I have heard a lot that using cellular data is an unsafe. I have a phone running Graphene, I would like to know, is it safe to use cellular data with mullvad vpn or orbot on graphene? Is it safe to hotspot off a burner with my simcard in? Is there any way to use cellular without being tracked using a standard sim card? Or do I have to accept if I want anonymity I must accept WiFi is the only secure alternative?

Cellular data is as secure as the app that uses it. It is not private though, as the mobile operator can collect a lot of metadata (location, time, amount of data, IPs etc.)


So ultimatley there is no way to de annonymise myself using cellular data?

Nope. Not unless you use a fresh burner device & fresh anonymously bought SIM card every single time - and even then you could theoretically be found if you are not careful, e.g. if you always activate the burner phones at the same location.


If you decide to go with an anonymous SIM, do note that if you have previously used a SIM connected to your name in the same phone, they will connect the dots fairly quick based on IMEI alone.

One can shift the privacy worries with a VPN though, no? Going with a reputable provider would most likely be better than worrying about the mobile carrier.

Also at least in the US one can get an account without connecting it to your RL identity.

This also doesn’t hide your device’s IMEI either, and modifying IMEIs is illegal in various countries iirc.

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