Is there point using a SIM on GrapheneOS

Even when using GrapheneOS, will my privacy be compromised by using a cellular data connection. I plan to use it over a VPN to hide the traffic, would this work in the same way WiFi/Ethernet works? What data wouold they actually have? If it’s just my approximate location and how long I’ve been connected for that seems fine, but is there other information they may be able together while on a VPN for example.

(It will be a new pixel phone purchased with cash likely from a 3rd party retailer so the IEMI cannot be linked back to any previous users.)


This will definitely be possible as long as you’re connected to the cellular network. Unavoidable.

Furthermore, some connections will bypass the VPN connection for example the connectivity check (captive portal when you connect to certain Wifis) or tethered traffic (when you create a Wifi hotspot from your phone). This is the intended behaviour in Android and I don’t think GrapheneOS has changed this.

Also starlink

Connectivity checks can be disabled on GrapheneOS(And on any other Android OS in general through ADB).