Consider slimming down on Brave's Features for better security

We can change some of these features on Brave, which disables the whole Wallet, NFTs and Crypto stuff. We can also disable the VPN, as theirs is not recommended anyways.
While I want to do this because I don’t want to have a long list of items on my hamburger menu there and make my browser less complicated, I believe that this will also reduce the attack surface (and make the browser as a whole faster and consumes less resources).

You can go to: brave://flags/#native-brave-wallet
And Here’s a screenshot of all the things I would disable:


Curious where others stand on this. I for one appreciated this and disabled these features. Will I now stand out more?

PG already recommends not using it.

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Their method still doesn’t deactivate the wallet and other stuff entirely (AFAIK), but this method should.
Explicetly for the wallet, I got it from Brave’s website themselves


I’m also waiting for the experts take on this, I’m a total layman compared to the others

You know this is nothing new? Some years ago people made an hardening guide of brave

I am wondering if there are any projects for Brave, similar to Arkenfox for FIrefox.

@Voilable make yourself useful and link the guides you think are good, so that the PG Team can review them and decide if they want to add anything to the current guide.

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No, privacy is for everyone.

Privacy should be approachable so as many people as possible can lead private lives. Not an exclusive thing we use to feel superior.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity | The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity its okay


I meant that guide as well when I said there are other not as comprehensive.

Friendly reminder to not personally attack other users. Offending/off-topic posts removed.
Please get back on topic.

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Is it possible to clone settings to other profiles on Brave or Chromium?

In Firefox, I can accomplish this with the user.js file.

When you disable the VPN, you can’t access the settings menu. The browser crashes.


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Yes, but only on the filesystem level (on desktop). Find the place where Brave stores your profiles, create a new one to see what changes. You can just copy&rename a profile directory and it will have all the settings from the original.

privacy is currently not for lazy people, and it is NOT their fault.

The problem is that we lack proper consumer protection laws. And that is the biggest problem facing mainstream privacy landscape.

Just like how you shouldn’t need to understand chemistry to not get lead in your drinking water, ideally we should get at least decent privacy even without knowing about technology.

But again, it’s sadly not yet the case. Hence, privacy is not for lazy people (right now)


thanks alot for the report! I’m almost sure that this wasn’t the case when I posted this thread, but it’s definitely true rn also on my side.
I’ll keep that VPN flag out of the things I recommended above.
Edit: it seems I can’t edit my original post, so I’ll have to let it there.

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In Discourse, you can visit a user’s profile and toggle the second setting on the right-hand side to different values and for a specific period of time.

I would’ve used my own profile but I couldn’t access the same view on it.

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Update: In version 1.60.114, the settings work well with the flag disabled.

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Update: I’m not sure when brave will stop with the non-sense, but we should also point out to disable the auto start-up of their vpn service.
It seems like they will do it themselves, but we need to check after them
Windows should not install VPN services until VPN is purchased/enabled · Issue #33726 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub

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