Remove Brave

I suggest watching this video to see some of the main sources of controversy in this browser.

The final straw was when he leaked user information while browsing the Darknet (Tor’s incognito tab, present on Brave)


2 years old video (also a YouTuber talking about their opinion on something is not necessarily a valid reason for anything). Brave addressed the issue promptly, it has long been fixed.


There are newer videos, one in portuguese [brazilian] in which he even uses Wireshark to pick up traffic even with the BAT stops disabled and sending it to a random server.

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PG recommends not using Tor inside Brave in the first place.

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Brave has been analyzed with an intercepting proxy by this well known German IT security specialist:

While it’s not a perfect result he found nothing like you alleged.


This one convinced me the most, so far.

Maybe give the points of the video yourself in English. Not everyone understands Portuguese and they won’t be able to reply


"Brave Software is a for-profit company (though users must opt into Brave ads and Brave doesn’t track users.) "

And this comment here, what do you have to say?

My point is that Brave is bloatware. Maybe more than Chromium…

If that’s your point then you’re correct, for example their Tor mode is bloat in my opinion. But its still not a reason to remove it from the recommendations.


Maybe we should highlight things that Brave does that can compromise the user, like leaking timezone, whitelisting domains, connecting to random servers of crypto even when it’s disabled etc. Also, the warning of not using Tor with it should be more highlighted. These changes will make users’ choice more reliable.


And also do what Firefox does (about:config), leave it disabled and configure it to our liking

Eu falo portugaise and I found it absolute BS or FUD as the other vold videos , I invite ppl here to check it even using a translator.

I’m strong critic of Mozilla (and its sad management of the sooner than later defunct Firefox), also I’m a Brave user (and Tor Browser user).

My Opinion:

Brave provides the stronger Privacy? NO, but reasonable good privacy, low resource and only navigator with functional Web3 integration with strong hardware wallet support, for ppl in crypto is a paramount important factor.

Is Brave safe for browsing darknet sites: STRONG NO, despite it includes TOR, it is useful only to protect crypto transactions in brave but I wont bet my freedom on Brave.

Firefox: much community loved, actually it sees thousands users leaving it every month, Mozilla is doing an excellent job destroying it.

Tor Browser: as Based on firefox LTS dont suffer same lever of issues (memory/cpu hungry), as now the Best (and albeit only) Browser for moreless safe Darknet exploration (still dont bet your freedom on Tor Browser), but sadly it depends on Firefox which dont have a clear future as its user base shrinks everyday (search at reddit about FIREFOX RAM or FIREFOX MEMORY and you’ll see the BIG PINK ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM**), at some point someone has to take firefox from Mozilla fork it and deliver an proper maintained and BS free browser which again engage ppl love.**

Some people is jealous about Brave as Brendan Eich is strong vocal conservative, some others because are hysteric about crypto and fear it more than cancer.

I dont know who you are but your bias is evident, if you want respect you should better sustain your claims, your Bias is quite evident.


I totally agree. Maybe I’ll reconsider Brave one day, but only when they let BAT be completely disabled by the user.

I have BAT FULLY disabled long ago (optout its easy, but opt-in should not be default), further Brave’s native multichain wallet isn’t available to receive or send BAT rewards.

Actually even if you turn all the crypto and ad stuff off, Brave stills connecting to crypto domains. They also don’t have an opt-out for whitelist on the adblocker and enable by default the Tor window.

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Both wrong, brave://settings/web3 clearly provides options to disable crypto domains (itself not a privacy issue as both resolves on data fetch from IPFS or its respective blockchain).

and hardcoded whitelist isnt anymore ( you refer to : Facebook, Twitter Trackers Whitelisted by Brave Browser ) wasn´t an anti-privacy provision but a needed temporal workaround properly addressed, someone late presented an issue asking some whitelist, this whas the answer Add to Brave whitelist: Just Read · Issue #9797 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub “WE DONT WHITELIST ANYMORE”

Have more FUD to debunk ? I’m here while allowed by mods.


Sorry, I didn’t know that they had fixed these issues. Also, something that I remembered now is that they have telemetry opt-out and the Brave Today thing being also opt-out. I think it would be better to be opt-in. Thanks for the clarifications anyways.


I agree from an strict privacy standpoint these features should be opt-in, same thing on basic vanilla Firefox without opting out a bunch of things it’s as harmful as chrome.

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It is opt-in so you don’t even have to disable it. :slight_smile: