Is it good to use Vivaldi over Brave?

I need a chromium based browser for some tasks.

While Brave is good, I really don’t like the company direction and I really feel like I can’t trust them.

My favourite chromium based browser is Vivaldi but I’m questioning about how well site isolation works. Are there separate cookie jars ?, etc

And what would be good to do to achieve a level of security and privacy equivalent to Brave ?


I’m interested in hearing why is that. I see no real reason not to trust Brave as a company.

If you still don’t want Brave and you have a good reason, then you have a few options:

  1. If you’re on GrapheneOS then just use Vanadium.

  2. If you aren’t on GrapheneOS then use Mulch.

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The thing with Brave is that they really don’t have a good track record. I remember the affiliate links scandal and I really don’t want to deal with a company who did that. Also they really push their crypto wallet forward with their rewards system, I’m not against crypto but it’s really not needed in a web browser by default.

I read this article that lists everything, Brave may not be doing bad things today, I don’t trust them for the future: Stop using Brave Browser - by Corbin Davenport

And on mobile, Vanadium in the only one web browser I use but it misses the “delete cookies and site data on close” setting along with some content blocker like uBlock Origin.

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Every company will have bugs/security incidents/bad decisions. What’s really important is how they react to it once called out on it. So far I think the reaction by Brave was rather good, they promptly fixed the issues.

They’re not pushy about it. You can disable/hide everything related to BAT and their wallet on install in 2-3 minutes and the browser will never bother you about it again.


They just replaced a normal link with an affiliate link that gave them money with no harm to anyone, to be honest. If I had the option to enable such a thing to support the company behind Brave Browser and Brave Search, I would.

Anytime anyone makes a mistake or does something that could be remotely considered bad, the cancel culture kicks in, and everyone is going out of their minds.

In my opinion, they provide the best browser and search engine; even PG recommends them at the top of the pages for browsers and search engines. They also came up with a business model that allows them to make this happen without invading users privacy, and they even allow you to disable everything with a few clicks in the settings.

I would rather go with a browser that has a business model and even allows me to disable the thing that they’re making money from than something that provides a browser without any ads, any crypto stuff, or anything, and you have to sit and wonder where the money is coming from and how sustainable it is.


I understand your point of view