What is best between Brave (with PG's hardening tutorial) and Vanadium? And why?

The title says it all: what the most secure/privacy friendly option between Brave set up as recommended here and Vanadium as served by GrapheneOS’ team?

What do you mean?

What part of @poubellier’s question is unclear?

Have you tried Mull?

Thanks, i was like really, what did i not say clearly?

No, but i used to have Firefox, and as stated on PG’s website (and other privacy communities): On Android, Firefox is still less secure than Chromium-based alternatives: Mozilla’s engine, GeckoView, has yet to support site isolation or enable isolatedProcess.

If you are looking for more of a “security focused” browser, try Mulch. If you are looking for a privacy focused browser in between Brave and Vanadium, I have no idea. I have been basically using Brave and Mull all of my life, so I have no ideas

There is no point in using Mulch on grapheneOS. The hardening is mostly taken from the Vanadium project but doesn’t do this as well as vanadium takes advantage of system modifications in grapheneOS.

Vanadium is focused on security, while Brave has a lot more features. Which is better depends on your preferences and priorities.

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Ok so in short Vanadium is more security focused while vanadium is more privacy focused? Again, in short.

I think you meant Brave in the 2nd phrase, right? And I don’t think that’s an accurate characterization. It’s more just that Brave is more configurable. It features stricter ad-blocking, dark mode, browser sync, and the option to clear data on quit.

There’s actually a similar thread on the graphene os forum: Vanadium - privacy questions - GrapheneOS Discussion Forum . I think the user called matchboxbananasynergy gave a relatively helpful comparison.

If you’re looking to defeat fingerprinting, despite its security weaknesses, use the Tor Browser.

Beyond that, the best you can do is fool naive fingerprinting. Someone who actually puts effort in doing that will not be fooled by the usual tactics that other browsers employ.

If someone doesn’t want to use Vanadium and doesn’t want anonymity (in which case Tor Browser would be the best), I would recommend Brave.

Brave has anti-fingerprinting defenses that will, again, fool naive scripts, so you can use it for your day-to-day, if you prefer.


Sorry, indeed i meant brave.

Thank you for the link. I’m also active on the graphene’s forum but did not see this post.