Brave questions


I am trying to switch from Firefox to Brave on my Windows machine and I have couple of questions.

  • Is it possible to remove Wallet, VPN and Password Manager options from menu?

  • Is it possible to disable reminders for Brave products like Brave Talk popups?

  • Is it possible to remove Brave Rewards and Brave VPN completely? Not just hiding from address bar, but completely remove that feature.

Is it possible to customize right click menu like I can do in Firefox?


How privacy friendly is Brave compared to Firefox (default installations, no Arkenfox)

People seem to always link, to answer this question. The consensus on this forum seems to be that Brave is better “out of the box” and I suggest you use it.

No, you can’t remove any of these menu items. Disable/don’t enable and they will never bother you again.

Same with any reminders, they only show up once IIRC. Just click them away and they’re gone.

Yeah, they shouldn’t appear after you dismiss them the first time

You can go to Brave://flags and disable the flags that are called

  • Enable Brave Wallet

  • Enable experimental Brave VPN

  • For password manager there’s no explicit place to turn it off, but you can look up password and turn off the password manager features you don’t want

This will completely disable the features, but not all references to them

You can disable everything for Rewards in the rewards panel in settings

Brave VPN should be completely disabled from the flag being disabled


Thanks that worked.

Do you also know how I can setup Brave as standard browser? I can’t select Brave as default app for HTTP and HTTPS. Only Firefox and Edge are showing up

Try going to “get started” in Brave’s settings and enabling it as the default there

Settings > Start > Set as default browser opens Windows’s Default Apps, and Brave is not showing up there.


Try going to the settings in the Brave browser, and in the settings, there’s a section called get started and you can set it from there

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I reinstalled Brave and now it is working properly :slight_smile: