Clarence Thomas infiltrates Privacy Guides


I was reading through the iOS guide and noticed the following article is linked in the sentence: “Apple has not fixed these problems as of July 2023.”

A Clarence Thomas Aide Was Venmoed by Lawyers Arguing at SCOTUS

Does anyone know the intended link here, or am I missing something obvious that relates these two topics?


That’s quite funny:D

Almost want to keep it on the site /s.

Our sysadmin was responsible for the bulk of this page. Goes to show that even with a few reviews we can still miss a bogus link. Perhaps @jonah can update us as to whether this was done as a joke or whether it was meant to be another link (potentially this article mentioned earlier in the paragraph). Either way, the offending sentence has been removed for now.


My guess is the author meant to paste something else lol, and had that in their clipboard.