Full Changelog: v3.12.2...v3.13

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Is this online? I seem to still see the previous version.

We are still figuiring out an issue , the new version is showing in our staging branch, but not in live.

Thanks for the clarification. Was anxious for the MacOS guide.

Also for the Windows guide, hope @Ikel’s proposal get some attention again.

This is fixed, turned out Crowdin had a problem when we deleted the video streaming page. Anyways…:

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You can create up to 3 additional @skiff.com email aliases in addition to your primary account address on their free plan. Custom domains are available on their Pro or Business plan, and allow you to create unlimited aliases.

Skiff Mail allows one custom domain on Free tier.


This is great news!

Any word on catch-all and aliases?

Maybe @amilich could enlighten us.

I’m on Pro tier so I didn’t give that much thought, catch-all and unlimited aliases on custom domain works wonders for me.

I found a blog post - Custom domains, now free - Read more

You can add unlimited aliases on your custom domain!

Doesn’t mention catch-all though.