They are based in Italy.
I think the Email provider looks good. What is your opinion on it?

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Good yea, requested an account and didn’t get a reply so rejected ;( this was like 2months ago

What a bad name for an email provider. Considering the other email provider you posted is a very sketchy company I wouldn’t trust this. Also Proton, Tutunota and Skiff are already pretty good options

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Hello, yes the other one was very sketchy i found out later but i think its one looks solid.

I don’t like the idea of having to request an account. Also Italy is a Fourteen Eyes country. Neither of these are the worst things in the world but I’m not seeing much I do like about it. Most of their site seems to be about what politics they don’t like instead of what privacy and security benefits they offer.

Any kind of misuse or abuse may result in account deletion without further notice.

Some thoughts:

  • PG recommends Monero whereas this email provider explicitly says cryptocurrency is a TOS violation:

Using the Services for cryptocurrency related activities;

  • Users would need to be careful if they do not violate this section. I’m not really sure what it is prohibiting here:

Using the Services in order to promote institutional political parties or any other organization that already has the financial resources to widely spread its own content and ideas, or those who use the concept of (explicit or implicit) delegation and representation in its day-to-day relationships and projects.

  • Users who lawfully purchase firearms and/or ammunition online may not want to choose this provider:

Using the Services for any military purpose, including information or training material about firearms and related combat techniques, cyberwarfare, weapons development and manufacture.

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Sounds like some far left or far right activism website. Not saying “institutional political parties” are good but really odd to have this in the TOS.

Their main page is quite clear that they’re politically motivated so not really that strange:

[…] was born in 2001 from an encounter of individuals and collectives of the autonomous anticapitalist movement
[…] we are motivated and inspired by the principles of solidarity and self organization.

Which I think disqualifies them from being recommended here, since most people won’t be accepted by them.

We provide our services strictly for non-commercial use, in order to provide support exclusively to individuals or groups we feel we have an affinity with.

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Being in 14 eyes means nothing, Fbi, Interpol etc exists, no country is secure,