Any Non Brave/Non Bromite Chromium based browser recommendations for Android?

As the title says, I need a Non-Brave/Non-Bromite Chromium based browser that has a good track record of privacy and security.

Why not Brave? Because of its past controversies and because it does not spoof as much data as Bromite does (including Timezones).

Why not Bromite? The lead dev stepped down (according to a random guy on github) and the current latest version is two major versions behind upstream Chromium release.

What about Firefox? I already have Firefox Beta as my primary browser, I need a secondary Chromium based browser because they are faster and more secure on Android.

Thank you for your recommendations.

See my comparison table: Browsers - DivestOS Mobile

Citation needed

Citation needed

They’ve been further behind before, I don’t think it is stopped:

Updated post to add “speculated” in there, here’s the link:

That is just some random saying so, it isn’t even grounds for “speculation”.

Agreed. Will update post.

Can Mulch be used on Non-DivestOS OS’s?

Every browser there works independent of OS.

Great, how do I download it then?

The F-droid link on Our Apps - DivestOS Mobile leads to a 404 F-droid page.

Read the note, you have to add the repo first.

We recommend Brave. Brave has had their problems but you can disable all those things just fine. Spoofing your timezone is not going to stop fingerprinting that is a fairy tale. If that is your thread model you should seek other methods.

I see that I have to download F-Droid to add a repository on it. Privacy Guides currently recommends against using F-Droid. Any other means of obtaining the browser?

Well, it at least reduces the fingerprinting (I think) to a certain degree. A person browsing the internet with different IP addresses but the same Timezone will be easier to fingerprint than a person browsing the Internet with different IP addresses and Timezone complimenting those IP’s.

But, you are correct that these two will not defeat fingerprinting, however they can at least somewhat reduce it.

Sorry it really does not. It’s just one attribute and it will not make a difference really. Using a less used browser like Mulch will likely only make you more unique than using Brave with your timezone.

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