Alternative to Brave (Android)

Hey there,
Coming along great on my privacy journey. Still a lot of work but getting there:

Will keep that updated.
Anyway a question arose…again :grin:
Mull, this Firefox fork is privacy hardened ✓ check. Compared to standard Firefox and Fennec also Security hardend? Any insight :thinking:?
As alternative I’m also looking at privacy browser.
Probably overthinking it, but on the search for a second browser. For now Brave is doing it’s daily job

I’m enjoying Cromite as my main browser. Brave for any site where I log in.

Cromite is not on F-Droid though?
Bromite Chromite etc, having a hard time understanding which one is up to date and which one not :crazy_face:
Still the most curious about Mull

Bromite got it’s last update over a year ago.

Cromite is a fork of Bromite. There is a Cromite repo in f-droid but I just install it from Github which allows Cromite to update itself.

Releases · uazo/cromite · GitHub I install arm64_ChromePublic.apk

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Please see my table here: Browsers - DivestOS Mobile


Since Cromite does not use Google Safe Browsing are there specific settings to change in the browser besides force https?

I have questions about your page if you don’t mind.

It’s recommended that Vanadium be used only in GrapheneOS. Did you test the browser from within GOS or install it in another OS?

Cromite has much more than basic content blocking. I assume back in September, the last time your page was updated, it didn’t have Adblock Plus in the settings. Would this be a fair statement?


I never use Safe Browsing so I didn’t even realize it wasn’t available. I find this odd when Google is the default search engine.

I set the browser to wipe all browsing data, I use https no matter what, set history to none, turn on Adblock Plus and add a few blocklists, and I change the search engine.

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did you see Browsers - DivestOS Mobile ?

I’ve never used Vanadium personally, but my Mulch is close fork of it.
Thanks, I’ve updated the Cromite entry for that.

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I did, but kind of missed out on the Mulch/Vanadium/Bromite(Cromite)/Chromium.
Thanks for the push in the direction though.
Still kind of having a hard time piecing stuff together, since I have no (well almost) idea what makes a secure browser other than;
I would want (should) use Chromium because of per-site process isolation.
What else keeps me safe online? Dunno (Google safe browsing and edge smart screen come to mind but privacy…)

@anon85295620 that’s a good idea. I have a few I could/would add.strong text

1 Like is another browser test site.

A couple of things:
1/ The dev works for Brave.
2/ The site was started long before he worked for Brave.
3/ The dev has in his employment contract that the project will remain independent.
4/ All the test are open-source and the results can be checked.
5/ Many mobile browsers are not in the list - Vanadium, Cromite, Mulch.

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I use a mix of mull, mulch, fenec, cromite, Tor etc and keep them updated through this app.


Well it’s Mull.
After using it more, for one to get the feel for it and to set up ublock origin (going for medium mode blocking 3rd party frames definitely and 3rd party Skripts maby) I’m liking it so much that Brave might end up being the second browser :sweat_smile:
Or third, parallel settings up Firefox from the play store…

Heads up Tad :heart:


I not using googles safe browsing a security risk?
I ask because some Chrome forks deactivate it, others (like Brave) dont.
Back in the day I would just use standard chrome (standard protect I believe) and not worrying at all. :joy:

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I not using googles safe browsing a security risk?

Yeah, it can be, since you’d be less protected from malware/phishing/etc. I don’t think it’s the end of the world though, as long as you have other protection in place. I’d recommend following @SkewedZeppelin’s advice here. It’s important to always have a layered approach, regardless of if you use Safe Browsing or not.

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I’ll figure out if I’ll use Vanadium without the safe browsing, as it doesn’t work atm, or make a jump back to Brave (where Bitwarden won’t autofill) until it’s fixed then :+1:t5:

Don’t rely on only 1 source of information. Eg PG’s. Get info from other places, like GOS forum, Michael Bazzell etc. Understand the world we live in. Money first world. And therefore everyone is gonna push for their product.
Make your own decisions. Some parts of PG’s i do not agree and therefore don’t do.
Keep learning. Well done so far. :hugs:


@Viper good point.
I’m not only active here, but using many sources. GrapheneOS Forum is one of them and a few sources like:
For example. But sometimes a question crops up, like now with googles safe browsing (or enhanced safe browsing)…
And on that it’s hard to find objective sources.
For me “google is bad” is not objective. All in all I’m the “give me the raw info’s” I’ll make my own decisions kind of guy.


I’d like to clarify also that you shouldn’t rely on Google Safe Browsing for staying safe online. It might be a nice to have for a piece of mind, but you should follow security practises that prevent you falling victim of the kinds of attacks Google Safe Browsing protects you from.

Google Safe Browsing is just enumerating badness, so it’s impossible for it to cover 100% of the malicious sites, therefore you should assume that it won’t prevent you from hitting a malicious site.

In other words, Google Safe Browsing isn’t a replacement for good opsec.

From my point of view, any tool that enumerates badness is not a security tool but a quality of life tool. Nice to have, but I won’t rely on them to stay safe.


Thank you for your reply. And reminder.
Enumerating badness does not work, is something I heard / read many times. Be it from Madaidan, or Daniel Micay:
Thing is, I have never had a Issue with googles safe browsing, nor have I had it block a site for me for that matter.
It’s just that, it “could” be a security layer that “could” be useful.
And this “could” is what is causing me brain damage.
Layering like;
Safe browsing;
Quad9 or dns0/zero;
All the hardening of GrapheneOS.
Safety practice while surfing. Etc.
I actually could extend that could to why use Quad9, never Malware with my ISP’s DNS Resolver…
Brain damage :joy:
As for Microsofts SmartScreen I have more confidence in that blocking malicious sites than googles safe browsing but then again it is (somewhat) invasive and not implemented in Vanadium, but Edge.
I’ll go on the search for googles enhanced safe browsing white paper…
More invasive than SmartScreen ^^