Android Browser

What browser are you guys using on your Android phone? I quite liked Cromite (Bromire fork) but it was not compatible with Bitwarden so I stopped using it. I also like Firefox and its forks, but Firefox doesn’t have a native dark mode on page render and I don’t like having to use the Dark Reader extension. Currently I’m using Brave

OK, then everything’s fine

I just checked the repo for bitwarden, the fix for cromite is currently being QA tested. So I can’t imagine it’ll be too much longer until it’s fixed.


Thank u. I hope they would fix it sooner

I am using Brave, as it’s as fast as Chrome plus the ad-blocker, Brave Search, AI, etc.

Firefox is the one to avoid as it’s slow, and insecure from lacking the DoH setting in the UI, and the users can’t enter the about:config page on the stable channel also. Other security concerns, for example, process separation between opening tabs is not implemented yet, no web view.