Chromium Checker

like some know I was testing around with Browsers to replace Chrome.

So during this "testing’ and trying I came across this site:
And ran it trough the Chromium Browsers in Android.
Running it through Brave showed a issue, but I (as a Noob) am not sure if this is a Problem?
Since I have never really, until latley, thought what Browser I should use, to me this does not show “Love” to coding and also a unpached Security issue. :thinking:
Since Brave did not answer the Email sent, and past update did not fix it I thinking about moving the wife away from Brave over to Firefox (or Edge like I am using it atm)
What are you Guys thoughts on the Page (Chromium Checker)?

If it is not working correctly for all Browsers, it is useless

Google Chrome Pass
Microsoft Edge Pass
Soul Browser Pass
Either Vivaldi or Kiwi Pass (one or the other failed)

According to the website it tries to figure out what version of a browser you’re on by checking all the things it supports. With PrivacyGuides recommending to change some things and/or turn them off, this website may not correctly “guess” your version because the excepted set of features is different from what you have.

Essentially, it is better to just compare the latest version of Chrome/Chromium with what you can find in about://version

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Thats a good Point you have