Any app to remind me to drink water?

I always forget to drink water and i need an app to remind me to drink but i want it to be FOSS, Available for android and up-to-date, Could you please help me?

F-Droid is a good place to find FOSS app even if you dont use it as an app store. Doing a quick search yielded TimeR Machine | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository as a potential option. I dont use this app so i cant vouch for it.

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My suggestion, forget about an app or technical solution. Buy a water bottle of 1 liter or more, and keep it with you. Having water next to you makes remembering to drink a relatievely unconscious act, and using a big bottle keeps you more tuned in to how much you have consumed and how much more you should consume.


Question answered at :

The app the answer gave has not been updated in a few years, hence why I didnt mention it in my response.

Clock? I mean just set an alarm?


I tried and i failed

@L_ishere670 every modern smartwatch/smartband has this built in. Dont need an app for this.

I would just get a big glass bottle and set it right in front of wherever I am working so it sits within my field of vision.

Maby with a hook in the cap so you can tie it to your belt.
Probably annoy you so much that you’ll learn to drink water real quick

I recommend you watch the Adam Ruins Everything episode “Adam Ruins Football”

TLDW: Gatorade marketing has made people insecure about their hydration. All you need to do is maintain access to water and drink (water, not juice/tea/etc) whenever you feel thirsty.

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